My Story

I was once a stay at home mom with just an art degree under my belt. But with the power of perisisance and a lot of prayer went back to school to get an MFA in writing. With grit, determination, and casting off fear of trying new things by embracing creativity and imagination. 


In the last five years: 

  • I opened an art studio

  • Helped found an art gallery/ emerging artist movement

  • Became a college professor

  • A lecturer & speaker 

  • Became an author

  • Opened a  publishing company 

  • Published 12 books

People come to me when they want someone to interview them and write a biographical statement for their website about their personality or businesses. They also come to me for editorial development or branding on book projects, events, and creative businesses or art shows. With 20 years of experience as a visual artist, ten in the writing/ editing field, and three in the non-profit sector, people find my dynamic insight for brainstorming and art direction to be extremely helpful. I've edited for VP's of Banks and for upcoming musicians CD covers. I speak on creativity and creative writing.  My passion is to work with creative individuals and businesses to tell their story.   

Invite me to speak at your arts-related event. 

My specialty is developmental writing and editing for the arts and for short works of fiction and non-fiction. My favorites are poetry, picture books, art books, and memoir.

White Branch


White Branch

Studio Address by appointment

1313 Atlantic St
North Kansas City, MO  64116. USA

(816) 507-4193

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