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"Polly writes with such raw vulnerability, reflecting hauntingly beautiful truths that forces the reader to fall deeply into her life. Without meaning to I read through the book in its entirety and fell so deeply in love as I traveled with her. It was a moving and lovely adventure," writes reviewer Heather Patrick, Artist, Editor. A handful of heartland in these narrative homegrown poems by author and artist, Polly Alice – speak with a uniquely deep-rooted voice. What do we need to survive? she asks. “Light, water, and the ability to imagine growth, --nothing is more powerful. There is always time to change direction if we believe in walking through over the shards to the other side of the glass.” Polly's lyrical poems, explore faith, loss, and the measures taken to become visible: “I will not forget,” she writes. “I am woman, all things began in me.” Ghosts and vapors, flour and light, this collection remain subtle, but dives into bone and marrow of women in today’s America.



What better way to condense life down to its bright moments of wonder and dark questions in the night. In this companion book to her first book, Polly's lyrical poems, cast in her family’s Midwest narrative, explore faith, loss, and the American Heartland's post-farm generations. She takes readers from the empty lots in old Kansas City to a Pennsylvania Farm Family in the 20s, and don’t forget granny “that shot the wolf.” Three generations of stories retold in free verse. With quilted stories of earth and light, Polly Alice shares the story of life in the middle of the map and the search for Home. "Flourishing... Unexpected" writes Julia Spicher Kasdor, Shale Play


a Midwestern FolkTale

Author, Polly Alice McCann, has a new picture book coming out in 2020 illustrated by Mary Anne Hendrix. TOMMIE Q. BARBEQUE by Flying Ketchup Press. This traditional Midwest folktale shares the journey of Tomie Tomato who discovers the recipe for love and adventure: Barbeque Sauce! Meet many friends on the frontier and the old-time pioneer spirit, of working together to create something new!


edited by Polly Alice McCann

Blue City Poets: Kansas City-- From the pulse of a starlit Mid-Town roof to the beat of a cicada-humming-July-blue-summer day; from memories of the rolling prairie to the squeaky wheel of the shopping cart on a blizzard-ready night on the Eastside, Kansas City is home to the blues in a dozen ways. Come sit for a spell with like memories, or visit for the first time. These words of Kansas City poets will draw you in with a longing that is as real as it is enjoyable until you agree, 'there is no place like home.' Illustrated with lush, buoyant paintings by Michael B Savage, SAV art gallery. Works by Malcolm Byers, Kēvin Paul Callahan, William Edward Dozier, Melissa Goodnight, Jamie Lynn Heller, Mary-Lane Kamberg, C.M. Millen, Frances A. Rove, Mary Silwance, T.L. Sanders, Taylor Ware



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