An Artistic Vision

Creative Consulting on your personal art, writing, or business marketing project is easy when you have a consultant with a listening ear and artistic vision. Let's meet for coffee and talk about your creative idea today. Update: Online mentoring hours available Monday through Saturday. Artist prices and scholarships available. Appointments usually 65 an hour will be by donation during the COVID19 Crisis.  Simply donate for your appointment and contact me for your availability.


First Impressions Count

If your teenage student loves to write. Ages 11 to 17. This is the perfect opportunity for one on one creative writing or critical essay writing. Boost your student's self-esteem, imagination, and college and career goals with the craft of writing. Schedule in-person or online with set homework assignments, personal feedback, goal evaluations, freewriting, and fun courage-building exercises to boost confidence and skills. Your Student can win prizes and swag along the way, certificates, buttons, stickers, t-shirts, etc. $45 for a one hour class.


An Artistic Vision

Learn from a classicly trained painter in oils or acrylics. Push ahead quickly with the ability to mix any color you'd like without charts or books. Learn perspective, compositive and all that serious stuff while having fun on your own projects that you've always dreamed of creating. Student-directed projects mean your first painting can be a high-quality portrait, landscape, abstract or something else you've dreamed about creating. Lessons go for 1.75 or 3 hours. Prices start at $45 per hour. Update: During Covid19 Crisis art consultations and critiques are at a reduced price. Some scholarships available. Contact me for availability.


An Artistic Vision

Are you a dreamer who has vivid or reoccurring dreams? Do you feel your dreams are trying to tell you something but you just don't know what? Learn the ancient technique of studying and honoring your personal dream symbols through dreamwork. Dreamwork involves, talking, journaling, creating art, or honoring remembered dreams to find energy, insight, and direction for your waking life. Of course, remembering dreams is also one of the techniques you'll learn. Consult with me on a specific dream, learn one new technique in every lesson! Each session is  60 minutes. These Mentoring sessions are online or by phone.  Please pay by donation and contact me for your availability.

Best Painting Classes in Kansas City for 2019.

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