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"Thank you so much for your kind words and your vote of confidence in my work." T.A.

"I used to read other authors’ works,/ Now my work can be read by other authors

 Because your belief in me proved more than tangible." T.L.

Poetry Inquiry

Thanks for submitting!

Client 7


The form of each poem is independent with stanzas, and line breaks. We explore concrete shapes, white space, rhythm, end-line words

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The voice of the poem must be clear and tell the reader who they are. Who and where is this voice of the poem. What is the point of view, and pronouns? How does that voice use imagery through the playground of poetic tools with energetic verbs and limited grey words.

Client 8


The aperture in the poem is scale or scope. Does the poem open up, the reader's awareness, imagination, or compassion? What imagery, metaphor or narrative are included. Does it open a door to push us beyond prose.

Poetic Tools

The poetic tools really are what makes a poem a poem: Wordplay includes, but is not limited to, alliteration, homonyms, texture, assonance, personification, association, allusion, hyperbole, repetition, metaphor, similes, and zeugma.

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