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I was commissioned to work on this unique project by a local wellness practitioner. After an interview and trying out some of her services, I was able to write great descriptions to define and describe the business for new clients.


Explaining your Mission & Vision


When I listen to music or look at a piece of art, my heart feels so full I think it might explode. 

So, what do you do that makes your heart – well . . . bling?
Whether it’s the beautiful cityscapes, fashion design, or a sunset on the ranch, I’ve used the measurement of a full heart to lead me over the course of my creative career. That’s why I represent artists. Their heart truly goes into their work.

People need art. Sure, there is food, shelter, clothing but there is also connection. There is another branch to the tree of survival—that sense of belonging to community, of well being, and identity. That’s where art comes in.

I became interested in working with artists because people make a direct connection with an artist in a different kind of creative interaction that’s really valuable.

I noticed this when I worked in music with vocal and instrumental artists– bringing together families, teachers and performers—connecting people was always my greatest joy. Bringing people together to find their creative family, a sense of connection brings me joy. 

When I worked in fashion, marketing direct sales to clients, finding the color and line that fit their personality and style was incredibly rewarding. The best part wasn’t that we left with a new style– it was the people.  Yes, people went home with designs just right for them but, more importantly, they left with new connections and time spent together in community.

It’s the same with visual art. Art doesn’t just show what we are made of to the world, it reminds us who we want to be. It can be a bit of a soul-search, however, finding the right art for your sense of style and personality can make your everyday life, your sense of place, feel complete. And your heart… art collecting builds your sense of identity. I dare you to breach those interior spaces of your soul and call out this question “What makes you happy?

Black and White, Pop Art, Photorealism, Abstract, Figurative– the artwork you feel drawn to is not a flat thing or an object, it’s a story of life long experiences and meditations created by a studio artist. Again, that’s where I come in. I connect you with art and artists. I can introduce you to an artist whose conversations might bring new insight and energy to your collection.

Artists bring ideas to life. To them, everything is possible, or at least worthy of consideration. Let me connect you with a creative who thinks big—who makes the kind of art that makes your heart, well…sing. Let’s get started.

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An Artistic Eye

JAMES CALCARA, a long time Kansas City architect, focused his career on functionality, efficiency, and sustainability. His numerous architectural projects over the last forty years have yielded signature buildings and remodels like the Power & Light District, Union Station, and Valencia Place. His firm-- CDFM2, which merged to become 360 Architecture-- took part in Avenue for the Arts and One Percent for Art programs with KCMO which gave him creative opportunities like choosing the artist who created the original and well-loved floor mosaics for the KCI. What you may not know about Calcara is that he is a long-time artist. He is a true painter’s painter. Whether it’s landscapes or mixed media, he serves up a rich color palette and a subtle sense of humor and playfulness in his studio work. Where does he get his amazing colorwork? “I credit that to architecture,” he says. As an architect “you learn composition and line and a little sense of drama…that’s where the color comes in.”


There’s nothing Calcara can’t do in the studio. He creates mixed media collage, generous florals, and intimate landscapes that glow with the perfect blue skies one can only imagine he memorized from his childhood growing up on a farm in Great Bend, Kansas. Calcara boasts abstracts as well in homage to that same vivid Diebenkorn-styled hue. Best of all, his gestural abstract figure work is intriguing, subtle, and spare with a mental acuity that pulls viewers into a world of instinctual characters they are sure they might have met once in a story they couldn’t put down.


Calcara serves on several nonprofit boards and is a staunch alum of Kansas State, but he has traveled the world studying with master painters such as Julien Merrow-Smith (Postcards from Provence) and Phil Starke. He’s sojourned frequently to Santa Fe, Scottsdale, and as far away as Italy. There is a certain stillness to his paintings-- it’s as if they beg you to pause and sit awhile. You’ll want to stop in front of one of his pieces and take the time to reflect, bask in its warmth, and if you are lucky to take one home with you. When asked what he will do next with his art, Calcara says with a laugh and a twinkle in his eyes. I knew it was time to share my paintings because “I’ve run out of space for them under my bed.” 


Creatively Crafted

Handy-Cappin’ ® is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 2019 by Ezekiel “Zeke” Crozier, a Medical Retired Veteran with disabilities, TBI Survivor & Purple Heart recipient. Handy-Cappin’ creates hand-made, unique custom art from bottle caps to partner with other organizations in fundraising to benefit people with disabilities, veterans, and their families. Handy-Cappin' makes a difference by providing one-of-a-kind and meaningful art that also generates funding to benefit communities.


Thoughtfully Designed

Welcome to Wellness. The Wellness Wheel is a cooperative of individual wellness practitioners and small businesses in your community. Come explore with us as you find your WHOLENESS and personal health. What do some of our providers offer? Massage and Bodywork, Myofascial Release, Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, & Creative Art & Music Experiences.Visit our monthly Open House. Dive into wellness today, find your wellness with us. Need to rent one of our spaces or classrooms for teaching and wellness? Check out our rental page.

Curative Writing, PB Gallery


WONDERLAND SQUARED takes you on a dream-like journey inspired by the wonder that is Kansas City. TREY with his photo, Vanity in Red, introduces us to a modern-day Alice in a red checkerboard club with a looking glass surface.  We anticipate with her the looming hamburger, Kansas City’s favorite “tea and cake.” It practically screams, “Eat me!” Trey’s work asks questions about what we consume and our conscious questions about intentions, appetites, entertainments, and the wonder we overlook right over our heads.


ROBERT HOOPS illustrative graphics, prints, and t-shirts all call out, “Drink me! With his poster, Imbibe KC and his shirts calling us to Drink KC Beer or Howl. Hoops introduces us to our animal nature; to goblins and queens we feel we’ve somehow met before. He caters to KansasCitians- Reminding us that we live in a city of wonder.


JOHN ROLLINGS fills in the setting of this show with a true Lewis-Carroll-styled wonderland. His oil on canvas draws you in with an amazingly cubist style typewriter,  a chessboard, a pink flamingo. These and smaller symbols of the modern era in his Neo Cubist style provide unexpected emotion: They ask how the viewer feels about everyday things that play a part in the card game called life. They point to small wonders and tiny nagging questions that sing out in the subconscious mind.


JOAB D SOSA takes us to the end of our wonder-filled journey. Those final sensations of lucid dreaming: images that make us laugh or shout. Whether we are flung out into space or enjoy pizza-loving kittens we know these little collages are something we want to keep and take home to our regular day--  to wake up laughing.


Thanks to the giant skills of our art director and media designer, this show came together into something fun and unexpectedly beautiful. I hope you enjoy the art as much as we did and take some home to keep your everyday world filled with wonder and delight.                      


~Polly McCann, Curator                                

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