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“Tiger Mother” meets “The Power of a Praying Wife.” One ordinary woman’s life through prayer and faith. One size prayer does not fit all. If you wouldn’t eat the same meal every day for your entire life, one kind of prayer won’t do either. Meet author and artist, Polly Alice McCann as she shares her surprising journey as a single mom finding a path to a life of prayer despite every obstacle, and every reason to doubt.


Dive with her into powerful and humorous retellings of twelve women in scripture as meditations on their “prayer lives”—Find out how their perceptions of God could infuse a whole new energy into your faith journey, your daily prayer right now!


Read Joana's story, a hippy-styled free spirit who mothers everyone in the community surrounding Jesus. When their band of merry followers breaks up and believes Jesus gone for good, Joanna thinks she’s lost everything. Worse, she assumes praying for a “new thing” would be greedy, until she learns that prayer is generosity of spirit: turning away from a closed door to find the whole world open behind her when she follows God with open hands.


Or find Rehab’s story, a woman who’s is so powerful, she’s named “oncoming storm.” But when she realizes her life is one of being caged, she wants to find the God who sets the captives free. She hangs out a flag of new colors and discovers that a prayer of protection is not enough to save her from an approaching war. She understands intuitively that prayer is not about being perfect, she must arrive as she is, with a new allegiance to be adopted into another kind of family altogether.


Having researched and read prayer books for over thirty years, Polly shares instead, true answers to prayers throughout her life: from her childhood growing up in the Midwest as an only child praying for a brother; moving with her parents and three siblings near Washington D.C.; deciding on a vocation in college in the Allegany Mountains; facing life as a newlywed, battling infertility, loss, unemployment, doubt, and divorce, then struggling as an artist to open an art gallery, create a community, and continue to write.


She shares stories of answers to prayer, and scriptures to build your faith, but also finds new ways for you to remember the different types of prayer. Her heartwarming stories of God showing up to bring light and hope into the darkest places will energize your prayer life and her stories will make you want to try them!


So what kinds of prayer will you find in this book? Time Travel Prayer, Non-Magic Prayer, Loosening Prayer, New Thing Prayer, Basket Prayer, Walking Prayer, Knot Prayer, Artsy Prayer (Fasting Prayer), Rescue Prayer, Pondering Prayer, Promise Prayer, and Visual Prayer. Each meditation is followed by a prayer you can say aloud so readers can find an entry point wherever they are at.

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