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I’ve been working as an independent Editorial Illustrator since 2018. I've been a children's book author since 2008. I have an MFA in writing for children and young adults with my thesis in picture books. I studied with and have had mentorships with award-wining authors like Jaqueline Briggs Martin, Phyllis Root, Jane Resh Thomas, and Claire Rudolf Murphy. I have also studied poetry under several award-winning poets and authors and with my undergraduate degree in art, I am able to give you really helpful advice to create a professional quality children's book to send to agents, editors, or straight to the printer!


What is the website writing/ building/ editing process  like?


Each Page in your Website has to have the content that matches the title and also leads to other pages in a web of appropriate and easily placed links. I make sure each page has text that matches your style and vision for the site.You'll enjoy working with my copywriting and editing because I can easily expand where you need more descriptions and I am great at writing tight if you need to fit a lot of information in few words. (Always a good thing on the web). I also add SEO that is helpful for search engines and can help you make sure you are found on google. 

What does the editing process look like?​

  • You contact me with ideas and questions you might have, and we have a consultation where I interview you and take notes about your vision for your website so I can capture accurate expressions of how you speak about your creative work or business. 

  • I like to work with Wix websites but I can do any website. I can build a new site, or I can edit your old one. I know how to attach, cancel, buy, switch, and reattach domain names. I don't use HTML, but I do build using regular behind the scenes web service interface to use the tools from your webserver to make the best site possible. 

  • After payment, I will get your site build with its pages in two to three weeks. Then we have a conference video to go over edits, suggestions, and new ideas about what else would make the website function.


My Style of Editing:

I am encouraging and I will tell you all about the wonderful things in your story, but also gently suggest the places where it could serve to reach your customers more clearly. My emphasis is on the reader experience of your site. 

To hire me. Simply click on the payment button below and email me your info or contact me for a complimentary consult. I offer a package of a new or re-created website of 6 to 8 pages starting at  $800. I also offer a branding package that includes Website, Logo, Logo applications, and Bio Writing all in one depending on what you need. I charge $45 per hour for editing services on websites after they are built or I'm happy to teach you how to edit your own site! check out my Curating your Brand membership package too. 

Website Inquiry


I can also coach you with mission and vision writing if needed. My job is to help you break down the story about your creative work or business into understandable pieces with strategies to get it working at the next level. Plus set up your site to help you accomplish the goals you have to interact with your audience. I'm also able to help you build a store or sell products on your site and train you to do maintenance on your site. 


Each website has its own style and form with information, micro sections,  and careful weaving of the path of the customer with as few clicks as possible to the information they are looking for about you or your business. Websites are often written in the second person and present tense to help refocus the information to the viewer. Your style and theme for me is often the best way to find nuances in your story and your product to help you make a hook for your readers, and a path of actualization and action. Including customer data retrieval.




"Polly is so encouraging. She caught my vision and reflected it back to me! She has been a light and an encouragement every step of the way! Polly helps and encourages me to present my best work! She's a visionary with positive energy!!!" Leanne Litka

"I can't believe how good it looks! I can't believe this is finally happening." E.M.

"Wow, I appreciate your detailed feedback, encouraging kind words, this is fabulous." PT

"It was really good talking to you this afternoon. You gave me good advice and a lot of encouragement. Thanks very much." S.M.

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