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“Thank you, Polly, for all your expertise and hard work to turn my work into such a pretty book.  It’s been a personal goal of mine for years, so it’s exciting to see it develop and become a reality. So much more than I could have hoped for.“   ~Carole Carter


“I learned so much from your editing that I think improved my writing process.”  ~ Maureen Sayers

"I used to read other authors’ works...Now my work can be read by other authors because your belief in me proved more than tangible."   ~Poet T.L. Sanders

"Thank you for sending these notes...and thanks for the workshop also!  I find that it has helped me settle down in my head in a way that makes the chapbook project feel manageable. I can approach it now without feeling overwhelmed."   ~Kim Sosin

I edit and design poetry chapbooks to give a voice to the artist. Poetry heals and unites diverse audiences. The result? New insight, and new directions: readings, book launches, plays, films, classes, collaborations, mentorships, art, celebrations, personal journeys, and more.  My specialty is high quality design. 


Price? Because I often take up to a half hour to read, study and write editorial notes for a single poem, I charge $150 for developmental editing of up to 50 poems and $1 for each additional page. Here is some more info below. Or book a consultation with me. 

Journey to Feedback:

$150 for developmental editing of up to 50 poems and $1 for each additional page includes:

  • page notes, line notes, ideas for order of poems, theme, title, and editorial letter.


Journey to Design:

$500 for the layout of a chapbook under 50 pages, then $2 a page includes

  • Free editorial feedback with purchase of design (save $150)

  • Author Bio edit

  • Book Summary or Jacket Copywriting

  • Artist Statement or Author forward edit

  • Cover Design


Journey to Publishing:

  • $100 Publishing to Barnes and  Noble with ISBN and barcode

  • $100 Publishing to Amazon 

  • $100 Publishing to Ingram Spark (additional book cover required) (means it will migrate or become available in places like Walmart and Barnes and Noble and Indie book store Websites also available for libraries and book stores to order from)

  • order your author copies at 50% MSRP with two-week delivery or take your design files and self-publish. 

Journey to Digital:

$150 for a digital poetry book plus $10 for each distributor includes: 

  • Publish to Ebook Kindle/ Paperwhite

  • Publish to Digital maximum includes:

  • Barnes and Noble/ Nook

  • Publish to Apple Books

  • Publish to Kobo/ Clara 

  • Publish to Google Books/ Android

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Client 7


The form of each poem is independent with stanzas, and line breaks. We explore concrete shapes, white space, rhythm, end-line words

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The voice of the poem tells the reader who they are. This includes the point of view, and pronouns. How does that voice use imagery through the playground of poetic tools with energetic verbs and limited grey words.

Client 8


The aperture in the poem is scale or scope. Does the poem open up, the reader's awareness, imagination, or compassion? What imagery, metaphor or narrative are included. Does it push us beyond prose?

Poetic Tools

Wordplay includes, but is not limited to, alliteration, homonyms, texture, assonance, personification, association, allusion, hyperbole, repetition, metaphor, similes, and zeugma.

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