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like a woman

now available from  Light Shine Books

"Polly retells stories from women in the Bible without stopping to talk about all the men. It's hilarious, refreshing, and unusually insightful. It made me want to read the Bible again for the first time in a long time." Dr. Alice Hixson


"Heartwarming stories of God showing up to bring light and hope into the darkest places." Barbra Ellison

"Prayer is a journey sometimes like "lightening" sometimes like walking in "new shoes. It's different every day. Prayer is not just warm thoughts or sitting still. Prayer is dancing, singing, painting, talking, crying, meditating, walking. Prayer is not one size fits all–it's finding a way to connect to God, with or without words." ~ Polly Alice 


DO YOU FEEL STUCK IN YOUR FAITH? Does prayer feel too selfish, too magical, too greedy, about as good as sitting still?

Open and available to readers from different backgrounds, experiences, and faiths, this book dissolves the myths that keep you from prayer so you too can see God’s work in your life, in the life of your family, your community, and world.

Devoid of "Christianese" or hard-to-get religious concepts, McCann shares fresh insight through twelve easy-to-remember prayers like "basket prayer," "patchwork prayer," and "flag prayer." Blended with stories from her real life: working with migrant workers, standing in bread lines, visiting hippie nuns, Polly Alice shares her journey from budding college student to Pastor's wife; from single mother to small businesswoman; from writer to speaker; believing in God for both small and big miracles of the heart.

Artist, Polly Alice McCann, has served in every capacity at your local church except lawn care and Pastor (and well, she has never baptized anyone.) Just when her hope seemed the most shattered, Polly was blown away by the story of Tabitha–an artist who came back to life. With the images of Tabitha's grieving friends holding up her creations fresh in Polly's mind, she set out to explore the idea of healing through prayer. First through small textile collages, then large oil paintings, and finally sixty-six letters to friends. Twelve of those meditations became this memoir, "Pray Like a Woman."

BENEFITS of adding prayer to your life

• Renewed Faith

• New Insight into Choices and Callings

• Greater Energy, Physical/ Personal Healing

• Restored Relationships

• Feelings of Peace, Less Anxiety

• Discover your natural and Most Comfortable rhythms of Prayer

My Forthcoming Books

Pray Like a Woman 2022
Pray Like an Artist 2024
Pray Like Jesus 2026


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