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About Me


Hi, I'm Polly Alice. I'm an author, artist, and speaker.

As an editor, I help people tell their stories. With clear writing about who you are and what you do, you can connect right away with the audience and projects that fit your creative vision. When people understand your vision, they can take part in it. My specialty is getting the long story short and making the short story hit its mark with full impact.


People contact me when they want to make their poetry collection, a picture book, an anthology, or a literary project. This past year, I've worked with authors from Australia, Ireland, Canada, the Philippines, and all over the U.S. People often like to work with me because I'm also an artist, editor, and illustrator, so I can give feedback from many angles and help create a finished project. I have a master's degree in writing from Hamline University. You might have seen me out and about. I  have been a full-time visual artist, poet, author, and speaker in Kansas City since 2015.


My favorite thing is to tell stories-- other people's, my own-- maybe yours. 

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