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Learn to write a personal essay/ article that engages and persuades your audience. Have trouble talking or writing about your self? Want to share a presentation, write a blog, or get ready for new opportunities but you don't know where to start. Try a professional writing mentor to help you fill your writing toolbox with tips and tricks to find out. Chose one of two tracks: Y U Are Interesting is a series of exercises with weekly or monthly mentoring sessions to build critical and personal narrative writing, Wild Worlds is a series of weekly or monthly mentoring sessions on creative writing. Purchase one, four, or 8 sessions at a time. Ask about package pricing. Update: During Covid19 Crisis all writing mentorships are by donation. Contact me for availability.



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Do you have a picture book that needs a professional eye to help you tighten or develop your idea? Send your manuscript to one of our editors (under 1400 words). You will get honest, helpful feedback about what elements of plot, character, setting, theme, and dialogue are just right-- and which areas could use revision. We will send you a questionnaire about your work, and within three weeks, you will receive an editorial letter and editor's notes to help you make your book the best it can be for the market you are working for. In addition, you will receive an online, face-to-face consultation with an editor to answer questions and learn what is working in your manuscript and/or illustrations. As a professional illustrator, I will also give you suggestions for page turns and how to divide up your text for your picture book.


Put your poetry manuscript in gentle hands with a thoughtful editor who is also a poet and poetry editor. Get feedback, editor's notes, and an editorial letter about what is going well with your manuscript and what elements could use development. Everything from white space to the order of the poems, rhythm, and theme --you will have helpful advice about what not to change and what is working! Speed ahead on your publishing journey with help from a poet who is also an editor! 35 to 75-page submission. If you'd like, this also includes a live consultation with an editor online or by phone. Contact me for prices by page, hour, or project.

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Put your short story manuscript with a master at problem-solving who is also a writer. Get feedback, editor's notes, and an editorial letter about what is going well with your manuscripts and what elements could use development. Everything from the point of view to character and plot arc! Speed ahead on your publishing journey with help from one of our editors! 500 to 8000 words per story. Send up to two stories if you'd like a live online consultation in addition to notes and a letter-- that is included in this package.

Copywriter/ Personal Branding Specialist

I specialize in unusually creative copywriting for artists, designers, and creatives. I am your personal Branding Specialist. You need a professionally written bio about you or your business. I’ve been working as a writer of artist statements and bios for over twenty years. Take a one-on-one interview in person or fill out a survey: work, grants, contests, art shows, book jackets, and more...I can create a professionally written abstract all about you! I use a personal interview process with a journalistic style. Formal, informal, personal, and business styles are available.

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