Your logo "barista" experience includes two consulting sessions with me as your designer and story developer plus six to ten hours of design and editing. It ends with a logo that tells your story from start to finish-- with foam on top! Okay, maybe that's taking the coffee metaphor too far. 

The logo “barista” experience takes two to four weeks. You'll receive a shared folder of final designs with two applications in all the file types for every use possible with and without text. Each logo is handcrafted for every size from IG buttons, promotional materials, single color, four-color, and files for printing huge banners-- or small online icons with and without white space behind them. Your logo always arrives with an original font file for future use.

The logo “barista” experience is a process of discovery.


I specialize in unusually creative logos for artists that have high color, line quality and come from a narrative perspective. Prices start at $500 or included in a Personal Branding Package. Let's set up a conversation to see if we are a good fit! 

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