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After my Creative Practice Class artists were able to more clearly express their work to clients. 

Piano Keys

The Creative practice starts with one thing: your short biographical statement...

Meet Robin

For artists, often our biggest obstacle is to be willing to remember and point out our talents, successes, and accomplishments and how we want our audience to connect. Since we can do so many things, it's hard to narrow it down to choose. Meet Robin, a piano instructor, artist, and creative teacher. She told me she had so many interests in art and needed a bio to apply for an upcoming art show. Often she had already received a yes from someone wanting to show her art, or ask her to teach, but then she needed some words to follow up within a professional way. After taking the class and talking with other creatives she came away with enough material for a great professional artist statement. She has two upcoming art shows! Read below...


Short Writing Samples feel impossible sometimes. You need to fit your whole world into a few words. This is often an overwhelming task that stalls getting your creative work to the people who need it.


Why not set aside some time to spend with other creatives talking about your dreams and inspirations for your work.

My class on creative practice will allow you the freedom and practice to reach that key step in explaining your creative vision and setting goals for your next steps. Leave the slide shows and books, we will use creative games and exercises to draw out our mission, vision. Empowerment through creative imagination! You'll find out what you are already doing and what we can do more to connect with our audience and empower our work. You'll leave with:

  • Material for a professionally written bio about you or your creative business,

  • New friends 

  • Clarified goals

  • Deep insights into your creative process and themes

  • Perspective on your audience and how to connect


The best way to show a clarified vision is through your bio. Your creative personal statement about your work goes everywhere, on your website, on a plaque or dedication, in grants applications and proposals, on your book jacket, on your websites, in Wikipedia, on programs, on art shows documentation, social media, and more...


Sometimes the class setting is the best way to get your creative words flowing. Practice talking about your work in a safe encouraging environment with the added benefit of an instructor who is also a writer-editor who can help you clarify your creative passions and projects into words. 
















Meet Robin, a piano instructor, artist, and creative teacher. She told me she had so many interests in the arts. Often she had already received a yes from someone wanting to show her art, or ask her to teach, but then she needed some words to follow up with in a professional way. She had a unique combination of services and artistic ideas as well as portraits and something fun she called house portraits and she had a name, Robin's Nest Fine Arts. After taking the class and talking with other creatives she came away with this work, then the next step was to give that to me as a writer/ editor and we came up with the final statement together using a mix of formal, personal statements, alliteration, and condensing her ideas to sets of two to three and a call to connect and take action.

After the Workshop

She came away with this material:

What degrees do you have?
I have a BA in Music with Piano Emphasis from Bethel College and almost an Art Minor
What is the name of your business and what is unique about you?
Robin’s Nest Fine Arts is my business name, I do what I love and hope that the joy of creating
comes through to the listener/viewer/student… to inspire others and empower them to create. I want
to be known for authenticity, quality, faith, wisdom, love, collaborative teaching, playful portraits, color

What do you want clients to feel or achieve?
Confidence in my ability and in their own, anticipation, warmth, passion


What makes your style different? What is your theme?
Gentle, approachable teaching style, educated, practiced approach to the arts, non-judge
mental, patient
Passionately creative

The Last Step...

Robin Moravec is the owner of Robin’s Nest Fine Arts. She is a musician, artist, and educator whose
passionate creativity and joyful authentic instruction inspires and empowers students and art lovers
alike. A long-time private piano teacher, Robin earned her B.A. in Music with a minor in studio art from
Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. Her passion is for piano, painting, and collaborating with
creatives–especially when it includes chatting together over coffee or creating new art and musical
opportunities. The oldest in a big family north of the twin Cities, Robin always has a great book
recommendation and a new creative idea. She is the authentic artisan ready to share her faith, wisdom,
and insight. As an artist, she is well known for her playful, musical portraits of people, houses, pets, and
unique ephemera of vintage antiques. Find her at and @robin...

Her mini logline: a passion for piano, painting, and collaborating with creatives–

Workshop Request

Thanks for submitting!


"Polly is so encouraging. She caught my vision and reflected it back to me! She has been a light and an encouragement every step of the way! Polly helps and encourages me to present my best work! She's a visionary with positive energy!!!"

Leanne Litka

"I can't believe how good it looks! I can't believe this is finally happening."


"Wow, I appreciate your detailed feedback, encouraging kind words, this is fabulous."


"It was really good talking to you this afternoon. You gave me good advice and a lot of encouragement. Thanks very much."


"Highly Recommended, Polly is wonderful!" Nancy Schneider, Headrush Roasters Coffee & Tea


"Polly is an amazingly talented artist! "

Michele Allred Briteheart Studio


"Incredibly creative and great to work with!"

Gale Farnsworth,

"Ms. Polly taught a Master class for the Kansas City Boys Choir and the Kansas City Girls Choir during our Annual Music Camp in October...They loved her and enjoyed the class very much..."

Ah'Lee E Robinson, Kansas City Boys Choir

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