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White Grass

Starting in January 2021. Make room for Poetry. Choose one month or many.


Get a poetry editor in your corner with a one-hour online group workshop each month on 2nd Friday 7 pm CST or 2nd Sat 10 am CST.


Make 2021 a year for poetry with the Poet's Live membership. Keep that group poetry workshop every month and add a one-on-one workshop just for you.


Finally, change your world with poetry. On top of the group workshop, expand that one-on-one session to a  90-minute editing session with up to 10 poems. You'll also get a monthly editorial letter with notes on your poems. In addition, you'll get three hours of editing and design that includes developmental help for your author bio statement, logo, blog, or website. It's a branding package with both developmental editing, graphic design, and mentoring so you can get help reaching your audience.


Treat someone with any of these packages as a gift for one or multiple months. Cancel or renew anytime. Packages will also include access to a group google classroom with notes, slides, poetry tips, and writing prompts.

Poetry Workshops

Fall into a poetry habit!

Studio Address by appointment

1313 Atlantic St
North Kansas City, MO  64116. USA

(816) 507-4193

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