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Creative Consulting


An Artistic Vision

Creative Consulting on your personal art, writing, or business marketing project is easy when you have someone with a listening ear and artistic vision. Let's meet for coffee and talk about your creative idea today. Update: Online mentoring hours available Monday through Saturday. Artist prices and scholarships available. Appointments will be by donation during the COVID19 Crisis.  Simply donate for your appointment and contact me for your availability.


A Close Collaboration

If your elementary or secondary age student loves to write. This is the perfect opportunity for one on one creative writing coach. Boost your child's self-esteem, imagination, and the craft of writing. To schedule children's appointments, I work through the Society of Young Inklings, a non-profit that shares creative writing with young writers. You can contact them to make an appointment and request to work with me. Visit www.younginklings.org/classes


First Impressions Count

If your elementary or teenage student loves to write. This is the perfect opportunity for one on one creative writing or critical essay writing. Boost your child's self-esteem, imagination, and college and career goals with the craft of writing. To schedule children's appointments I do one-hour appointments in person or online with set homework assignments, personal feedback, goal evaluations, free writing and fun courage-building exercises to boost confidence and skills. Update: During Covid19 Crisis Classes are $25 to $55 by donation. Up to four kids per class.


An Artistic Vision

Learn from a classicly trained painter in oils or acrylics. Push ahead quickly with the ability to mix any color you'd like without charts or books. Learn perspective, compositive and all that serious stuff while having fun on your own projects that you've always dreamed of creating. Student-directed projects mean your first painting can be a high-quality portrait, landscape, abstract or something else you've dreamed about creating. Lessons go for 1.75 or 3 hours. Prices start at $45 per hour. Update: During Covid19 Crisis art consultations and critiques are complimentary. Contact me for availability.


An Artistic Vision

Are you a dreamer who has vivid or reoccurring dreams? Do you feel your dreams are trying to tell you something but you just don't know what? Learn the ancient technique of studying and honoring your personal dream symbols through dreamwork. Dreamwork involves, talking, journaling, creating art, or honoring remembered dreams to find energy, insight, and direction for your waking life. Of course, remembering dreams is also one of the techniques you'll learn. Consult with me on a specific dream, learn one new technique in every lesson! Each session is  60 minutes. These Mentoring sessions are online or by phone. If you live in the area dreamwork can be combined with studio art or writing instruction. Update:  During Covid19 Crisis Dreamwork Sessions will be for 45 minutes at 10 am or 8 pm central (Chicago) time. Please pay by donation and contact me for your avilability.



Design, Editing, Classes


Creatively Crafted

Need someone to not just build a logo, but take the time to find out about your business and what it means to you through one on one visits and interviews. I'll provide up to 6 logo applications such as swag, promos, t-shirts, business cards and more, as well as a professional bio written about each staff member and copywriting for one brochure and/or six pages on your website. Included are 500 business cards.  Packages start at $1800 My artist and non profit pricing starts at $350


Creatively Crafted

I was commissioned to work on this unique project for the Society of Young Inklings for their annual journal of children's creative writing, and couldn’t have been happier to do so. Working on it enabled me to use my knowledge and skills in different illustration techniques to bring a piece to life which illustrated the creative journey of the imagination. If you’re interested in learning more about the cover art for your book or magazine please contact me. $500 and up


An Artistic Eye

Need a painterly whimsical illustration, a cartoon or cut paper inspiration? $500 to 1500 for color illustrations, $275 and up for drawings in pen and ink.


Thoughtfully Designed

Sometimes you need someone to summarize your creative work and help to clarify the context of your project for today's readers. Have a professional writer come to your art show, book launch or event and write up an article about your hard work and your vision. Share as a blog, press release, use it as web copy, or save it for your next brochure or marketing needs. Comprehensive Content about your creative work is hard to find and hard to do yourself. Have professional give words to the work you do so you can better share it with your audience. This service is for artists, creatives and businesses. Update: During Covid2019 suggested donation price $150 to 500


Creatively Crafted

You need a professionally written bio about you or your business.
Take a one on one interview in person or Google Hangouts, fill out a survey about what you will use your bio for: work, grants, contests, art shows, book jackets and more...and in a short time, you will have a professionally written abstract all about you! Included -- 50 word bio, 150 word bio, 500 and 1000 word bio. Price $125 Update: During Covid19 Crisis payment is by donation.


Engergize your Art

Take my four part class on Creativity to gain insight energy and direction for your creative work.

Session 1: Inspiration & Daily Practice
Creativity & the Artist Subconscious
• Logo Development
• Mission Vision

Session 2: Curating your Work
• Cataloging & Showing
• Websites and Social Media

Session 3: Empowering Your work
• Marketing Networking &
• Community & Social Practice

Session 4: Expanding on your Work
• Resting, Feeding your Soul
• Residency, Outreach

Click the button below for my free downloadable. An Imagination exercise to boost your creativity.



Great Partnerships


Learn to write a personal essay/ article that engages and persuades your audience. Have trouble talking or writing about your self? Want to share a presentation, write a blog, or get ready for new opportunities but you don't know where to start. Try a professional writing mentor to help you fill your writing toolbox with tips and tricks to find out. Chose one of two tracks: Y U Are Interesting is a series of exercises with weekly or monthly mentoring sessions to build critical and personal narrative writing, Wild Worlds is a series of weekly or monthly mentoring sessions on creative writing. Purchase one, four, or 8 sessions at a time. Ask about package pricing. Update: During Covid19 Crisis all writing mentorships are by donation. Contact me for availability.


Do you have a picture book that needs a professional eye to help you tighten or develop your idea? Send your manuscript to one of our editors (under 1400 words) and you will get honest, helpful feedback about what elements of plot, character, setting, theme, and dialogue are just right-- and which areas could use revision. We will send you a questionnaire about your work and within three weeks, you will receive an editorial letter, and editors notes to help you make your book the best it can be for the market you are working for. In addition, you will receive an online face to face consultation with an editor to answer questions and learn what is working in your manuscript and/or illustrations. As a professional illustrator, I will also give you suggestions for page turns and how to divide up your text for your picture book.


Put your poetry manuscript in gentle hands, with a thoughtful editor who is also a poet and poetry editor. Get feedback, editors notes, and an editorial letter about what is going well with your manuscript and what elements could use development. Everything from white space to the order of the poems, rhythm, theme --you will have helpful advice about what not to change, and what is working! Speed ahead on your publishing journey with help from one of our editors! 35 to 75-page submission. If you'd like, this also includes a live consultation with an editor online or by phone. $149 for chapbook and $300 for a longer full-length collection.


Put your short story manuscript with a master at problem-solving who is also a writer. Get feedback, editors notes, and an editorial letter about what is going well with your manuscripts and what elements could use development. Everything from point of view to character and plot arc! Speed ahead on your publishing journey with help from one of our editors! 500 to 8000 words per story. Send up to two stories. If you'd like a live online consultation in addition to notes and a letter-- that is included in this package.



Best Painting Classes in Kansas City for 2019.

  • Experience - Years in business and education related to their field of expertise

  • Professionalism - A dedication to quality work and outstanding customer service

  • Reputation - Excellent recommendations from satisfied customers

  • Engagement - Responsiveness and willingness to engage with customers