Creative Coaching Services

You are interesting! Y. U. R. Interesting is what you need to learn to write a personal essay or article that engages and persuades your audience.

Courage-building exercises to boost confidence and skills. A great essay can help your teen get a job, scholarships, or even into a great college.

Boost your student's self-esteem, imagination, and the craft of writing including character, setting, plot, dialogue, point of view, and theme. We discuss books, write poetry and novels, and work creatively as we learn.

Dream Journaling involves, talking, creating art, or choosing an action to find energy, insight, and direction for your waking life from your unique personal dream symbols. 

One-on-one Editing sessions are available. Check out my Editing Services Page! 

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1313 Atlantic St
North Kansas City, MO  64116. USA

(816) 507-4193

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