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Delight: Spreading Happiness Through Art: Reprint of Northlandia Magazine

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

reprinted from Northlandia Magazaine...Welcome to a Curated Art Experience

Jan Jensen is an art rep or art agent. Her business is the premier source of contemporary fine art in Kansas City. Many of the 30 plus artists she represents have studios, show art, or network in North Kansas City, including Gloria Heifner, Jan notes as one of the first artists she began representing. Jan Jensen Artists has been in business for three years (right up the road at Eastbrook Collaborative off Vivion). You can often find Jan at a local restaurant like Repeal 18th Restaurant with a buyer, or meeting artists hosted by Heifner at DesignWerx for their second Tuesday meeting for artists. Jan is a community builder.

She says that people are hesitant to collect original art because they don't want to make an uninformed decision. When Jensen set about to switch to another career, she was reminded of when her husband had changed careers. She had asked him, "What makes your heart just about burst? Immediately he went into ranching, raising prize-winning horses. Jensen knew she wanted to work in a field that exuded happiness. When friends of hers reminded her about her unique personal art collection, Jensen had an idea. They most enjoyed hearing stories about the artists' work Jensen collected and the many artists she called friends.

"I've always been in the arts," Jensen explains. "I was in music then fashion, but I realized that what I most enjoy is connecting people. Getting them together, hearing their stories, and visiting with them."

That's how Jan Jensen Artists began. Her mission is to get the work of local artists in the homes and businesses of new collectors by guiding them through the process of studying their space, colors, and choosing art that energizes them. Jensen even launched a new concept, having a chef-prepared dinner with the artist and a group of friends. These kinds of experiences are what she wants to build on. This year, Jensen is focusing on expanding her clients and providing more events at the two art-themed Bed and Breakfast Inns she curates in the Plaza area.

"Artists have to make art. They can't help it," Jensen says. And isn't art one of the top elements of Kansas City culture? I don't want just to show art in a space. I want to connect artists with collectors. My goal for North Kansas City is to make your space beautiful, yes," but even more importantly, she says is the story behind the art, "I want you to meet your new best friend. Everyone needs to know an artist. They are such a delight. I want to connect you with the most Vibrant Group of professional fine artists in Kansas City.

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